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Six reasons why you must invest in UX design services

August 10, 2021 ・10 min read

Great UX design has become a competitive advantage for today’s business. But when I discuss with peers in the product management and ux design industry, I realize that for companies that are new to the digital world, investing in UX design service is not something they see value in. Some think digital is nothing but a new sales channel and as long as enough marketing investment is in place, success is easily attainable. 


In this article I listed out a few key reasons why well-designed UX is a strategic asset and why it’s worth finding a reliable partner for UX & UI services.

#1: Delightful user experience increases conversion rate

In the digital world, your product interface is all a customer sees about your business. It is your marketing, your sales, and your customer service. You want to leave a great first impression as it matters a lot for customers’ decision-making and their future experience with you, but this is impossible if your digital experience is not seamless and intuitive. we summary a few common mistakes we found about landing page UX experience:


😕 A crowded landing page with a lot of ad banners, this overwhelms the customers and make them to drop-off due to information overload;


😡 Inconsistent content that is different from the mega title that brought customers to the site, this confuses the users and make them bounce as they thought they are in the wrong place


🤔 Forcing users to register without showing users the product, annoys the customers and make them leave as they see little value in your solution


When your potential customer has to choose among many similar products or services, when they are accessing your site on the move in a noisy environment, when they are used to the seamless UX from other applications, user-friendliness is often a decisive factor. Delightful use experience is critical to your business goals, increasing conversion rate.


#2: User-friendly UI/UX boosts customer satisfaction

In UX simplicity brings the ultimate sophistication. Customers do not want to spend unnecessary time to get the value out of your product. Thus the user journey, processes and goals should be as straightforward as possible.Too many steps or interactions will confuse customers and lead to a good number of customers leaving the site immediately, which is the opposite of what a business owner needs to achieve. 

There are some simple rules we shall follow to bring ease-of use into the product:

  • – Break long forms to simple, bit-sized steps, or use staged information collection if possible: filling in a long of information is a daunting task, the world health organization suggests that there are 2.2 billion people globally who have a near or distance vision impaired in which more than 50% is yet to be addressed. Information entry on a small mobile screen creates obstacles to the digital experience 

  • – Design onboarding, navigation, actions and processes in a way that flattens the learning curve of your digital product. For example, an onboarding process should take into consideration the customer’s knowledge, skills and job position. Building up their sophistication of your product creates better interactions which are more likely to end up in a purchase

  • – CTAs (Call to Action) should be clear as the sky is blue and customers should know exactly what will happen after clicking a CTA button. It is a common misconception that a CTA have to be the same copy or be similar everywhere in the application. The well-known example is “next” buttons, which upsets customers due to lack of context, increasing their irritation. Good UX copies make sure the text describes precisely what you want to achieve in your user interface design.
#3: A carefully crafted customer journey increases customer retention

It is not surprising that on the market there are similar applications offering pretty much the same functionalities as yours. To keep customers happy and engaged, you need to make your product so attractive that customers don’t consider going to your competitors.

And this can be accomplished through a carefully crafted customer journey that will encompass customers’ needs while they are interacting with your product. You need to plan your customer journeys holistically: from the first time customers see your product to when they become a retained customer. Planning a customer journey is designing how customers will be interacting with your product. UX experience has a key role to play here.

When designing experiences, try to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Iron out all the details that could create problems in their interactions with your product. Positive user experience is critical for customer retention. If your product provides a positive user experience, your customer will be less likely to choose a different one.

Read how we use research insights to design user journey for our client Alchemistt

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#4: Good UX design builds active engagement

An active customer is more likely to recommend your product. This is especially true for social media and the instant communications it has enabled. Intuitive navigation flow, personalization options, clear information architecture: all this contributes to better user engagement. And an engaged user is a more loyal user that will not move to a competitor so easily.

On the other hand, a difficult onboarding process, non-intuitive buttons, wrong information architecture, too much information on one screen—all this will damage the overall user experience and drive away potential clients. Nobody wants to use an application that is difficult to interact with. 

#5: UX prototype reduce unnecessary development costs

A clickable UX prototype is an high fidelity, interactive version of a product that allows you to test its functionalities and the user’s navigation flow. It allows extensive user research, designing information architecture, wireframing, prototyping and usability tests, preferably with end-users. All this allows you to check how a given functionality works in the context of the entire product and decide whether it makes sense to send it to developers for coding. 

A clickable mock-up of such a product prepared by the UX design team could save you time, money and ensure you solve the customer pain points. Usability tests conducted with end customers will clearly show which functionalities work and which do not. This allows you to verify your ideas, to smooth the experience without running up unnecessary costs. 

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#6: UX design is indispensable everywhere

We are living in a digital-first world. For the first time, customer experience is a crucial factor for the success of a product or service on the market. UX design focuses on process optimization and a user-centered approach will apply to both web or mobile applications and other sectors of the economy. 


Customers are used to using user-friendly apps and expect the same level of comfort. UX design principles (user-friendliness, intuitiveness, clear information architecture) has become indispensable to every product that wants to thrive.


 A picture, especially with good UX design behind it, is worth much more than a thousand words. An appealing visual design will boost your sales and you don’t need to hire additional sales and marketing specialists to meet your sales quotas.

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