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Best eCommerce UX/UI Design and Research
Maximise your sales funnel with mobile-first app and web user experiences

UXlicious ensures your eCommerce website and apps are designed to give you the best experience of converting sales on mobile and desktop and creating repeat customers.

Want to create the best eCommerce mobile apps and websites with brilliant homepages, product catalogues, and checkout UX? We build secure and easy-to-use online shops which create a great first impression for your visitors and guide them intuitively through the checkout process to something you are both excited about, establishing trust and reliability in shoppers while empowering the brands they forefront.

Heuristic Evaluation Checklist

Our eCommerce UX Design Services

Custom eCommerce Website/Mobile App Design and Development

Undergoing a thorough eCommerce UX research and design phase, we never start developing until you’re satisfied with the visual outcome our experienced UI/UX team delivers. Our team of engineers works closely with you to suggest the best white-label (Shopify, Woocommerce) or custom-built technologies based on your requirement. 

We implement search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, user-centric design, and best practice shopping cart experience to ensure your eCommerce experience stands out from the competition. We equip you with more than just the best eCommerce shop design but also a platform that provides valuable data and insights into your customer experience, supporting you in making better business decisions.

WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce Website Design and Implementation

White-label eCommerce solution offers great functionalities and is fast to launch. It gives great investment returns for clients that do not require big customization to their online experience.


Based on our requirements, we can help you put together the best frontend user experience and all the necessary backend plug-ins to support your online sales. Our WordPress, Shopify, and WooCommerce experts ensure you get the best out of the white-label solutions.

Sales Funnel Optimization

UXlicious have a track record of improving non-performing eCommerce websites. We start with user experience benchmark analysis to identify the reasons for shopping cart abandonment and develop the revamp strategy based on the user insights. 


eCommerce and customer experience specialists in our team conduct UX research to understand why your online shoppers drop off at checkout. We look at various UX metrics (time to completion, task success rates) across best-performing websites in your industry to prioritise the development roadmap. We add the best eCommerce website and mobile app features to maximise your business objectives.

Mobile first eCommerce Experience with Responsive Design

eCommerce customers are shopping on the go and a great mobile experience is a must-have to create a successful online business. Moreover, many customers are shopping on both mobile and desktop at the same time and they need to have a consistent and seamless experience.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses succeed in their mobile sales journey with tangible improvement in year-on-year sales and customer retention rates.

eCommerce UX Case Study

Shopstream - Transform your shopping experience

We helped Shopstream design a shopping platform that offers merchants premium, exclusive live-streaming content for its shoppers looking for food and fashion inspiration.

Flatshare - Find your perfect flat and flatmate with smart matching

We helped Flateasy create a seamless flat searching & matching experience that helps landlords & tenants find the best fits in 3 minutes.

Stay Ahead of the eCommerce UX Design Trend

We are experienced in building eCommerce products loved by users. We understand the market trend and users’ expectations of the digital sales experience. Let’s lead the eCommerce UX design trend together!

Here’re some noticeable eCommerce product trends every retailer must not miss out on: 



On-site Personalization

Online customers are also looking for the personal touch that in-store shopping brings. And more brands are adding personalised features such as online surveys, AI chatbots, animated product catalogue to curate a sense of reality, fulfilling the unique needs of each customer.

Mobile First

In eCommerce design, retailers must prioritize the mobile shopping experience to bring product success. Whether it is opening an account, shortlisting products, completing a checkout, tracking a shipment, or initiating a return, all the essential shopping experiences are expected to be achievable through a few clicks on a mobile app.

Augmented Reality(AR)

Augmented Reality has proven to be effective in improving customer satisfaction. Virtual showrooms, virtual try-on solutions, and interactive user manuals make it possible for customers to visualise distinct products and understand what they are really buying.

Voice Search

The convenience of online shopping is further enhanced with voice search. Using AI voice recognition to allow people to search for things without typing, voice search enables faster and easier search and greatly enhances the mobile shopping experience.

Alternative Payment Options

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL), digital wallets, cryptocurrency and other newer payment options are soaring in popularity, and your website shall integrate with them in a seamless way to make sure your customers can pay in the way they want. The more options you can offer to your customers, the more they will buy from your online store.

Micro Animation

Micro animations are fast becoming an important part of eCommerce. They allow the user to quickly find what they want, easily interact with content and also increase engagement. Especially on mobile where the screen is small, making shopping even more difficult, micro animation is a great way to improve usability and accessibility. 

We Empower the Digital Transformation of eCommerce Experience

What makes us stand out?

What makes us stand out? We are a team of 16 digital experience experts with rich experience in FinTech, eCommerce and mobile commerce products. Established in Hong Kong, our team serves FinTech startups across Asia and worldwide and has proven records of helping brands succeed in building eCommerce applications loved by online shoppers.

Web3 App/Website Development
Worked out by Genuine Experts

The internet is changing fast and is transforming from Web2 to Web3 rapidly. Digital experience needs to match the trend. We actively monitor your competitors and recommend improvements to ensure your product’s development stays current.

Our engineering experts have built multiple Web2 and Web3 digital products using Javascript, Solidity, Rust, Python, PHP, C++, Rholang, Erlang, Golang, Vyper. Our DevOps works with you as a managed service to ensure 99.99% uptime and rapid update developments.

Web 3 program languages

What Our Clients Say About Us

Avg. Customer Satisfaction


Their UI/UX design is stunning. I'm impressed with how they deliver our product core message to customers easily.

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Manson Yau .

UXlicious help us quickly identified target user need and refine our product with user-oriented approach effectively, I'm enjoying working with them and learn a lot during the process.

Jane Yip .

Great experience with UXlicious. Very professional yet collaborative team. Focused on problem solving for our e-commerce website with business impact other than just pretty designs.

Tung Lee .

Great work! After they revamped my website, the conversions went up very significantly. I would recommend UXlicious to any business that needs a great website design.

Simon S. .

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    Build the Right Product to the Right Customer

    Our Web3 UX Services

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    Everything starts with Research

    We conduct UX research to understand your growth opportunities.Through market and customer research, competitive review and customer interviews. We will discover:

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    Killer UX/UI Design

    Working collaboratively, we transform your UX and UI design ideas into reality with a thorough understanding of your business model and target market, whether that be Hong Kong or anywhere else in the world. We deliver:

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    Agile software development

    We work closely with entrepreneurs and businesses to build tailor-made mobile and web applications. As an agile team, we pride ourselves in producing high-quality, timely and sustainable projects.

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    UX & Audit

    We pinpoint less-than-perfect areas, revealing which parts of a site or app are causing headaches for your users and stymieing conversions.

    Working closely with your product day-to-day gives us unique insights into the operations and business while taking away the customers’ point-of-view. We highlight: