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How to sell insurance online successfully? As more insurance products become available for online sales, new strategies are needed to target new customers, reinvent product offerings and cultivate deeper relationships. Improving the user experience (UX) of digital insurance products becomes the differentiator for insurers to bring their business to the next level.

And that is just part of the whole digital insurance transformation, from holistic protection, risk migration, e-claim and restoration, companies are using modern technologies not just to improve user experience but to fundamentally disrupt the way insurers serve their customers. This empowers traditional players in the industry to transform into InsurTech companies.

UXlicious brings years of knowledge in user experience design to your digital transformation process. We help you create web/mobile products that create positive emotions from customers’ point of view and showcase your product differentiation in all aspects of the insurnace sales and service journeys.

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Our Insurance UX Design Services

Custom insurance website/mobile app design and development

Insurance sales process can easily become complicated and fragmented, with its lengthy jargons and policy details, customers can easily find the process intimidating and confusing.

To ensure your design has the convenience and ease that digital customers are familiar with, UXlicious team undergoes a comprehensive insurance UX research and user discovery phase to uncover the users’ pain points and identify the essential information needed for decision-making. We then develop prototypes to test with the users so we can make sure their pain points are resolved.  


Our engineers work closely with you to determine the best technologies based on target audience behaviour and business requirements. 


We follow up with post-launch metrics monitoring and continue to optimise your digital flows. Together we will keep your digital experience relevant and delightful for your customers.

User experience benchmarking and UX audit

Insurance needs to change as customers go through different stages of their lives, and successful InsurTech services need to be holistic and available at all times. As insurers shift from indemnity providers to risk management experts spanning the physical, emotional, and financial well-being of the customer – what we call the sphere of trust – a seamless digital experience ensures an insurer stands out from the competition and becomes the life partner of its customers. 

UXlicious has helped well-known insurers to reinvest in their digital experience. We benchmark the industry’s best practices while incorporating unique local characteristics to design user-friendly digital insurance sales and servicing journeys. 

Our UX experts audit your digital customer experience to provide actionable improvement plans with both linear optimization and nonlinear large jumps so you can see immediate improvements and achieve long-term success.


Web/mobile usability test

The insurance industry is in the midst of a profound digital transformation. InsurTech startups have disrupted the way customers interact with insurers, offering sleek digital interfaces and promises of instant policy quotes. That pressures legacy companies to keep parity with disruptors in their efforts to create a seamless digital experience, as today’s digital-savvy consumers are ready to switch companies at the first sign of friction.

UXlicious have a track record of improving non-performing digital products. We utilise usability tests to identify the drop-off reasons and develop the revamp strategy based on user insights to improve your overall InsurTech UX. 

Our insurance UX researchers and designers look at various UX metrics (time to completion, task success rates) across best-performing digital products to prioritize the development roadmap and work to ensure we always maximize business objectives.

Digital experience revamping

Customers are always on the go, they use fragmented time to research, shortlist and make decisions. Forrester study suggests customers use Web and mobile applications as their preferred method of communication. 

COVID raised the bar of a good digital experience and allowed insurance companies to change their deep-rooted negative image and significantly improve the customer experience. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses reimagine in their digital journeys with tangible improvements in year-on-year sales and reduced customer churn rates.

Insurance UX Case Study

Allianz - Reinvent insurance digital experience

We helped Allianz reinvent their digital insurance experience. 

Stay Ahead of the Insurance UX Design Trend

We are constantly looking at digital experience innovation to help our clients earn trust to be adopted into the lives of customers, who need to believe that their insurers will be there for them in an emergency.

Here are the six UX digital insurance user experience trends that would drastically impact the future of insurance:


Interactive Online Support

Online customers are looking for the same experience an insurance agent offers. Moreover, the complexity of the product requires expanding the use of chatbots and self-service tools to make it easier for customers to interact with their insurer, whether they’re looking for an explanation of benefits or trying to receive assistance in filing a claim.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence in insurance automates existing underwriting and claims processes, making instantaneous calculations and decisions. It uplifts processes and customer engagement to meet the high customer demand and provides the ability to access data faster, which reduces human participation in repetitive tasks.


Internet-of-things (IoT)

Internet-of-things provides new data sources for insurers to better profile new prospects so they can offer better pricing and tailored support service as well as serve existing customers to form better health habits and take the right action to take care of their insured assets.


Long gone are the days when insurers were making money off of friction, like making claims processes unnecessarily difficult and coverage that’s less than transparent. In fact, 67% of customers claim unpleasant experiences as a reason for churn. Today’s consumers seek out simplicity, and they will choose to do business with companies that eliminate friction and save time.

Predictive Analytics & Insights

Predictive analytics can help insurers to provide more accurate and personalised pricing, identify customers at risk of churn, anticipating claim and fraud trends. Pairing with the right communication, it brings more insurance sales, reduces the loss ratio, and improves efficiency for insurers in all their processes.

Omni-channel Availability

Insurance customers expect the same level of efficiency and advanced technical integration as they receive on, for example, retail. This requires the insurance experience to be accessible on all channels, from human to digital. Using technologies such as Chatbot, live stream etc, insurers can provide a more comprehensive experience for their prospects and customers.

We Empower the Digital Transformation of Insurance Experience

What makes us stand out?

What makes us stand out? We are a team of 16 digital experience experts with rich experience in FinTech, Insurance, eCommerce and mobile commerce products. Established in Hong Kong, our team serves FinTech startups across Asia and worldwide and has proven records of helping brands succeed in building FinTech applications loved by Insurance customers.

Web3 App/Website Development
Worked out by Genuine Experts

The internet is changing fast and is transforming from Web2 to Web3 rapidly. Digital experience needs to match the trend. We actively monitor your competitors and recommend improvements to ensure your product’s development stays current.

Our engineering experts have built multiple Web2 and Web3 digital products using Javascript, Solidity, Rust, Python, PHP, C++, Rholang, Erlang, Golang, Vyper. Our DevOps works with you as a managed service to ensure 99.99% uptime and rapid update developments.

Web 3 program languages

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Their UI/UX design is stunning. I'm impressed with how they deliver our product core message to customers easily.

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Manson Yau .

UXlicious help us quickly identified target user need and refine our product with user-oriented approach effectively, I'm enjoying working with them and learn a lot during the process.

Jane Yip .

Great experience with UXlicious. Very professional yet collaborative team. Focused on problem solving for our e-commerce website with business impact other than just pretty designs.

Tung Lee .

Great work! After they revamped my website, the conversions went up very significantly. I would recommend UXlicious to any business that needs a great website design.

Simon S. .

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    Everything starts with Research

    We conduct UX research to understand your growth opportunities.Through market and customer research, competitive review and customer interviews. We will discover:

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    Killer UX/UI Design

    Working collaboratively, we transform your UX and UI design ideas into reality with a thorough understanding of your business model and target market, whether that be Hong Kong or anywhere else in the world. We deliver:

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    Agile software development

    We work closely with entrepreneurs and businesses to build tailor-made mobile and web applications. As an agile team, we pride ourselves in producing high-quality, timely and sustainable projects.

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    UX & Audit

    We pinpoint less-than-perfect areas, revealing which parts of a site or app are causing headaches for your users and stymieing conversions.

    Working closely with your product day-to-day gives us unique insights into the operations and business while taking away the customers’ point-of-view. We highlight: