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Deliver delicious digital user experience and maximise customer satisfaction

We deliver a delicious user experience

We’ve helped great companies bring their business vision to life and improve their user experiences. We look forward to working with you too. Let’s make something delicious together!

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USER Research

We conduct UX research to understand your growth opportunities. Through market and customer research, competitive review and customer interviews. We will discover:

During Ideation

Solid market and customer research pave the way to a successful product and bring insights to improve operation, marketing and customer services

During Wireframe

Deep understanding of the customer experiences and journeys at the moment ensure your product address the pain points and set new market standards.

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Killer UX/UI & Design

Working collaboratively, we transform your ideas into reality with a thorough understanding of your business model and target market. We deliver:

Kickoff a product

Engage with a UI/UX team in Uxlicious at the early start so you can move quickly to bring your idea to reality

Starting a design revamp

Those how have built a product usually knows too well

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Agile software development

We work closely with entrepreneurs and businesses to build tailor-made mobile and web applications. As an agile team, we pride ourselves in producing high-quality, timely and sustainable projects.

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We pinpoint less-than-perfect areas, reveal which parts of a site or app are causing headaches for your users and stymieing conversions.

Work closely with your product day-to-day gives you unique insight to the operations and business while taking away the customers’ point-of-view. We highlight:

During Design Phase

You can prevent the vast majority of UX mistakes during the design phase. You will be relieved to know you didn’t spend time building the wrong thing

During Product Iteration

The data may have told you something did not work but you don’t know why. We conduct in-depth analysis and give actionable suggestions

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Evaluate your site or app by testing it with your target users so you can get real feedbacks to develop the right feature and improve your UX Design

Testing is the easiest way to continue improving conversion and create better user experience. But sometimes you may not have the resource or time to conduct regular testing. We help with:

Tools we use

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