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Popular come to UXlicious with an clear objective to create a fun and interactive e-learning experience for primary and secondary students and teachers, however they’re not sure what how to design a systematic platform that makes countable nor design an journey that students and teachers would enjoyable using it.

We work together from 0 to 1. Our first goal is to understand what students enjoyable the most in term of e-learning and how we can help make the learning process funnier.

The Challenge

  • An 8-10 years old kid normally have an attention span of less than 30 minutes, and with the digital interface and no supervision, it is even more difficult to keep the children engaged


  • Many of the exercises involve repeating content, which makes it very boring for kids in primary school and thus hard to keep engaged

What Does Kids Like?

Learning is boring for kids, especially on an online platform. How to keep them stay focus and actually enjoy learning throught platform is the key insight we need to find out. We take reference from the best e-learning platform in market, and we realize having a study buddy is a a great idea and we also want to the study buddy that every student will love on Hong Kong

To better understand that, we quickly do an interview section with 16+ primary students (5-9 years old) in CWB centre library with the objective to understand primary students’ preference of different mascots appealing in the context of a study.

A "Study Buddy" Kids Would Love

Final Illustrations

We created a gamified learning experience that makes learning fun and interactive, creates an addiction to learning, and thus enhances the learning experience.

Key Result

< 100k Students + 30k Teachers

are adopting the platform

< 90%

of assignment completion rate

Design Solutions

Intuitive Dashboard

The dashboard provided simple and logical navigation for students. While putting the To-do list at the highest priority, students could also review their previous learning progress and redeem the rewards in order to encourage learning intention.

Accompanying Journey

A chosen learning partner will be a part of students’ learning journey facilitating the learning focus, praising and encouraging.

Visible Progress

While teacher supervision comes into the challenge with distance or eLearning, we created a design that is visible for students’ self-progress and guiding journey when doing the assignment.


Work hard, play hard. Students can utilize their earned coins & badges by completing daily mission to play mini-games during the period of rest.

Result Overview

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