Crypto Trading Platform
Crypto Trading Platform

Make Crypto Investment Easy to Manage for New Investors


hi is a crypto company founded in 2021, aim to provide the next-generation digital banking experience, providing members with an all-in-one platform for savings, investments, payments, and lifestyle benefits.

UXlicious partnered with hi as a part of the product team to enhance the user experience and the future development of the app. Our team is responsible for revamping their mobile app to align the objective that combines the functionality of a crypto exchange. 


  • Simplicity is the one key thing exchanges overlook. The crypto market is still young, and 80% of traders have been in the industry for less than a year. They don’t require complex interfaces with dozens of charts, invest boxes, and marginal trading with a dozen leverage levels. BDC Consulting study suggests 71% of traders stated they need demo accounts, while 37% ask for a simple and intuitive interface;
  • Most crypto traders are early adopters and their knowledge to crypto is limited, CryptoLiteracy.org 2021 survey found 96% of American and 99% of Brazilian and Mexican crypto or bitcoin-aware internet users are unable to pass a quiz assessing basic cryptocurrency facts. The lack of crypto investment education makes them easy to make wrong decision and thus making sure investors are educated and verified for their suitability is key to the platform

User insights


interviewee currently hold crypto as part of their investment portfolio and 6/15 would like to keep or increase their crypto holding; 7/15 trade crypto on a weekly basis;


of the crypto traders interviewed said they got news and information bout crypto on Twitter, telegram and other forum, 50% read crypto news on a regular basis

Design Solutions

Friendly Navigation

While there are more key features have already launched (Earn, Membership… etc) and more features will be getting on the ground (Debit Card), we redesigned the navigation bar based on the defined information architecture.


We aligned the design with a clear architecture that is in line with industry norms and provide more market information so that users can get the most up-to-date trend about cryptocurrencies as well as place hi benefits in a higher hierarchy.

Simplified Trading

Simplifying crypto trading experience, users can quickly link their payment method (bank account, credit card, crypto wallet etc) and complete their checkout in 15 seconds.

Earning Engagement

We separated the investment page and progress page to provide users a focus on what should they do on each page.

Connecting “Real World”

We connected the visibility between wallet & membership and card & membership tier to show the connection among them, so that they can get additional benefits from our membership and utilize the crypto assets on daily spending. It encourages users to explore more about our membership and stake hi dollar to get benefits.

Results Overview

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