Secondhand Trade-in Platorm
Secondhand Trade-In Platform

Montize your electronic wastes with RIVA trade-in solutions


  • HKers love electronic gadgets. Inspired by having the trendiest devices, HKers are always changing the latest device. A study conducted by GOV.HK shows 47% of the participants said they will buy a new phone every 1-1.5 years.
    This creates excessive products that has a high resell value, the owners sell them on P2P marketplaces and forums but process takes days or even weeks. Sellers are annoyed by the inefficient manual process.
    Our client would like to create a platform for users to trade-in their secondhand electronic devices in exchange of incentives. Users get paid in vouchers and the client then sales the device to their partners.
    Our job is to create an intuitive way to guide users throughout the trade in process and make sure they can successfully trade-in their devices and fully experience the benefits of the program.

The challenge

  • There is no standard grading of a secondhand device, sellers set a price based on their expectation and they go through a tedious negotiation process with the buyers to agree on the final offer. As the sellers have no subjective assessment of the value of their electronics, they often find the counteroffer to fell short from their expectation.
    For devices that also store personal data, people are also skeptical and insecure about potential personal data loss even though they have reset the devices.

User insights


have tried to sell their electronics online, but only 40% eventually closed a deal


weeks is the average time to sell a personal device (mobile, laptop etc)


said they keep the old mobile device because they are worried about data security

Simplified User Flow With Proactive Feedback Mechanism

A successful trade-in solution needs to change the negative perception of trade-in by creating trust, efficiency and delight.

Results Overview

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