Livestream Shopping
Livestream Shopping ​

The New Shopping Experience with Live Stream Shopping


Shopstream360 is a product attempt to create the unique shopping digital experience from a Singaporean team company. They want to design a shopping platform that offers merchants premium, exclusive live streaming content for its shoppers who are looking for food and fashion inspiration.

Shopstream360 has a unique social marketplace that invites conversations and enables brands to launch constant and consistent live-streaming as part of their overall brand strategy, with “on-brand” ambassadors of the organisation.


  • The impulse purchase comes when the customers are watching the video, so there needs to be an easy way for customers to navigate to the product and complete a purchase seamlessly.

  • Shoppers want to talk to the brands and influencers in the video but they want to find back their conversation after the live stream has been completed.

  • Shoppers may miss a live stream due to the schedule issue but they still want to be able to watch the show, so they want seamless integration between upcoming and previous shows.

Utilize a dynamic live-streaming platform that empower eCommerce to expose quality products anywhere and anytime

Key Result


interviewee have made at least one purchase via social commerce (IG, Youtube etc)


would pay to watch a live stream from their favorite sport team or performer


fashion (35%) and fresh food (13.5%) are the 2 leading categories in Livestream shopping events

Design Solutions

Simple & Seamless Live Commerce

In order to fulfil the client’s expectations and user acceptance, we designed a standard live streaming interface and purchase journey that combines eCommerce for users easily purchase interested products, while they can interact with the streamer.

More than
“Live Streaming”

While merchants and influencers are able to select either live streaming or uploading a video, it provides flexibility for both merchants and customers to watch the “shows” anytime and anywhere. Different to live shows, the ended shows and videos are putting more focus on the video instead of interaction.

Well-guided Payment Journey

The payment journey is a crucial aspect of eCommerce but it can also be technically complex. We designed a progress bar to show customers how it works. Furthermore, we enhance the visibility among the pricing details to make sure there is no dark UX to drive a bad experience for them.


In order to raise the sustainable commerce ecosystem on Shopstream360. We created a journey and mechanism of gamification which includes a mission and lucky draw to drive loyalty enhancement for the product.

Results Overview

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