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UXlicious is a results-focused web and mobile UX design agency specializing in creating user-centered websites and mobile applications through data-driven UX research. Our team creates high-performance, visually stunning web and mobile app designs tailored to meet our client's unique needs and deliver outstanding user experiences.

We have a solid local presence in Sydney, Melbourne, and across Australian and Asian cities. From mobile apps to SaaS platforms and web designs and development, our team has the expertise and resources and consistently delivers results that exceed expectations.

Our product design services

for Australian businesses

UX/UI Design

Good designs have to be client-focused and impactful. As user engagement is critical to success, we aim to connect with users emotionally through designs crafted to evoke a specific feeling and drive customer engagement. Our UX/UI team focuses on creating seamless designs that bring interactions to life and drive high user engagement by carefully considering user needs.

UX Research

UX research is the foundation of successful mobile app and web design. Our Australian team specializes in researching your target audience and their pain points and needs. Our research-driven approach allows us to develop the best strategies and incorporate in-trend designs and patterns, creating delightful websites and mobile apps with which users engage positively and deliver game-changing results.

Web and mobile app development

UXlicious bring your designs to life by creating fully functional and high-performing apps and websites accessible on any device. Our expert developers will work closely with you from concept to launch to turn your ideas into reality. We use the latest technologies to build user-friendly, scalable, responsive apps to help Australian and overseas businesses reach their full potential. You can rest assured that your app will be delivered on time and within budget.

Usability Testing

We don’t just create and launch. We take a data-driven approach to our designs by conducting user testing that allows us to validate and make necessary adjustments before launching. By testing and evaluating the prototypes, we can identify usability issues and areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments, ensuring that we deliver the best user experience and conversion rates for the Australian and overseas markets.

Top UX/UI design trends
that Australian companies need to know

Voice interface

Digital products with voice-controlled interfaces, such as Siri, Alexa, and other voice-enabled AI assistants, are gaining popularity. This trend is expected to continue as it allows for a more natural and hands-free way to interact with mobile apps, websites, and IoT products.


Data visualization

Data visualization in UX design is essential for providing users with meaningful insights and understanding of complex information. It goes beyond traditional charts and graphs and encompasses new and innovative ways to present data, such as interactive infographics and dynamic data-driven diagrams. By incorporating these new ideas into the design process, UX designers can create more engaging and intuitive user experiences.



Micro-interactions are a powerful trend in UX design. Small animations and interactions enhance the user experience by adding personality and delight to digital products. It is becoming increasingly popular as it can significantly improve the overall user experience and make the product more engaging and memorable.


Dark themes

Dark themes will be the UI/UX design trend in Australian and worldwide markets. From mobile devices to social media platforms and websites, it amplifies user engagement and experience. It reduces eye fatigue and allows users to spend more time on the screens. It’s time to treat your users with dark fantasy. 


Accessibility is a crucial trend in UX design, as it ensures that digital products are easy to use for everyone, including those with disabilities. With the European Accessibility Act now in effect, businesses in the EU must comply with accessibility standards by 2025. Even if you are not located in the EU, it is essential to start implementing accessibility standards and guidelines across all your products and services to provide inclusive and user-centered experiences for all.

Your Best Design Agency in Australia

Our team of 16 digital experts has a wealth of experience in various industries such as eCommerce, fintech, insurance, hospitality, fashion, and user experience design. Based in Sydney and Melbourne, we serve clients across Asia and worldwide and have a proven track record of helping brands succeed in their digital strategies.

We keep a close eye on market trends and competitor activity, making recommendations to keep your website design and development current. Our experts are skilled in various technologies such as PHP, Java, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Python, Angular, Vue.js, and Bootstrap for building websites; and Swift, Object-C, Kotlin, Java, and React Native for developing mobile apps. We also offer DevOps as a managed service, ensuring 99.99% uptime and speedy updates for your website.​

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Their UI/UX design is stunning. I'm impressed with how they deliver our product core message to customers easily.

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Manson Yau .

UXlicious help us quickly identified target user need and refine our product with user-oriented approach effectively, I'm enjoying working with them and learn a lot during the process.

Jane Yip .

Great experience with UXlicious. Very professional yet collaborative team. Focused on problem solving for our e-commerce website with business impact other than just pretty designs.

Tung Lee .

Great work! After they revamped my website, the conversions went up very significantly. I would recommend UXlicious to any business that needs a great website design.

Simon S. .

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      Everything starts with Research

      We conduct UX research to understand your growth opportunities.Through market and customer research, competitive review and customer interviews. We will discover:

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      Killer UX/UI Design

      Working collaboratively, we transform your UX and UI design ideas into reality with a thorough understanding of your business model and target market, whether that be Hong Kong or anywhere else in the world. We deliver:

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      Agile software development

      We work closely with entrepreneurs and businesses to build tailor-made mobile and web applications. As an agile team, we pride ourselves in producing high-quality, timely and sustainable projects.

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      UX & Audit

      We pinpoint less-than-perfect areas, revealing which parts of a site or app are causing headaches for your users and stymieing conversions.

      Working closely with your product day-to-day gives us unique insights into the operations and business while taking away the customers’ point-of-view. We highlight:


      UX Research

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      UX/UI Design

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      Software Development

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      UX Audit

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