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We, UXlicious, a Hong Kong-based web and application development company, focus on website design and website development that provides the website an easy navigation and is optimised for SEO, increasing your possibility to convert visitors into loyal customers.

Get Your Site Optimised

for SEO and Desktop

Mobile-optimised Website Design

Our web design development services provide the best experience for mobile application customers, getting them onboard on the go and converting visitors to first-time customers effectively.

Human-centric Design

Creating website designs and conducting web development processes from a customer perspective, we understand the user’s job-to-be-done for the products or services you provide so we can communicate that effectively.

Customised for Your Business

First impressions are formed within 3 seconds, and we provide professionally customised website design and development services for clients in Hong Kong and internationally that communicate their product differentiation.

Lead Conversion

We have created many successful website development onboarding experiences that help businesses convert visitors to customers and keep them engaged through our top-of-the-line web design development services.

Does your website...

Have a high bounce rate and low conversion?

Fall short of being optimised for mobile application?

Lack the WOW factor to attract your potential customers? Need a website design and development revamp?


What makes us special?

We are a team of 16 digital experts with rich experience in eCommerce, fintech, insurance, hospitality, fashion industries and more. Established in Hong Kong, our team serves customers across Asia and worldwide and has proven records of helping brands succeed in their local and international digital strategies inclusive of all website design and development needs.

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Website Design & Development that Brings Out Your Product Differentiation

The UXlicious team works with you to identify your product differentiation so we can design journeys and interfaces that best reflect the value proposition. We ensure a good first impression that leads to trust and a long-term relationship. Through our web development and design services, we continue to remind customers about “WHY” they must continue engaging with your product.

Brings Out Your Product Differentiation
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Convert Visitors to Customers through Good Website Design

A new customer needs to be carefully guided or they are likely to drop off or become disengaged. Through our website design and development services, we make sure to educate customers about your product/service differentiation and lead them to complete signups/purchases in a seamless way.

Create Loyalty Through Forming Habit

Unlock your Product Potential

Our advantage in website design and development services

App/Website Development Services
Done by Genuine Experts

The market is constantly changing, and the digital experience needs to match the trend. We actively monitor your competitors and recommend improvements to ensure your website design and development stays current.

Our engineering experts have built multiple websites with PHP, Java, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Python, Angular, Vue.js, Bootstrap, and mobile applications with Swift, Object-C, Kotlin, Java, and React Native. Our DevOps works with you as a managed service to ensure 99.99% uptime and rapid

update developments.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Avg. Customer Satisfaction


Their UI/UX design is stunning. I'm impressed with how they deliver our product core message to customers easily.

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Manson Yau .

UXlicious help us quickly identified target user need and refine our product with user-oriented approach effectively, I'm enjoying working with them and learn a lot during the process.

Jane Yip .

Great experience with UXlicious. Very professional yet collaborative team. Focused on problem solving for our e-commerce website with business impact other than just pretty designs.

Tung Lee .

Great work! After they revamped my website, the conversions went up very significantly. I would recommend UXlicious to any business that needs a great website design.

Simon S. .

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      Everything starts with Research

      We conduct UX research to understand your growth opportunities.Through market and customer research, competitive review and customer interviews. We will discover:

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      Killer UX/UI Design

      Working collaboratively, we transform your UX and UI design ideas into reality with a thorough understanding of your business model and target market, whether that be Hong Kong or anywhere else in the world. We deliver:

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      Agile software development

      We work closely with entrepreneurs and businesses to build tailor-made mobile and web applications. As an agile team, we pride ourselves in producing high-quality, timely and sustainable projects.

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      UX & Audit

      We pinpoint less-than-perfect areas, revealing which parts of a site or app are causing headaches for your users and stymieing conversions.

      Working closely with your product day-to-day gives us unique insights into the operations and business while taking away the customers’ point-of-view. We highlight:


      UX Research

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      UX/UI Design

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      Software Development

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      UX Audit

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